5 Myths About Slots That You Probably Don’t Know Yet

5 Myths About Slots That You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Online gambling has no shortage of misinformation that you can find on the internet, and that includes myths about slots. Any game of chance like slot machines could create misconceptions, especially from people who don’t understand how these casino games work.

When gambling online, the goal is not to be a sucker for what people, who don't know any better, are trying to say, especially without a proper basis. Some casino players believe them, but avoid getting yourself fooled by these slot machine myths.

  1. Some Hours of the Day or Days of the Week Are Better

Slots are 100% a game of chance, and the odds won't change depending on a particular time or day. Some will also claim that odds are better on special occasions or convention dates.

Casinos, both land-based and online sites, don’t reprogram their games’ payout rates like that. Hours or days are irrelevant on your chances of winning slot games.

  1. Slot Machines Have Winning Combination Cycles

One of the popular myths about slots is that they have winning combination cycles, and you can win if you observe these and play when it’s on the winning odds.

If you play slots on legit gambling sites, games are fair and work on random numbers. Some players may find ‘cycles,’ but these streaks are random and not predictable.

  1. Slot Machines Go Into Cold Streaks and Hot Streaks

Cold and hot streaks in slot machines happen. Sometimes, they consistently pay jackpots for a few hours or days, which you would call a hot streak. Other times, days will go by without a win in a particular machine, one you would call the cold streak.

However, slots didn't get programmed this way. These streaks may happen, but they are random, and there's no way of telling when a hot or cold streak will happen.

  1. Slots That Haven’t Paid Out for a While is Due to Win

This myth about slot machines is similar to the previous notion of hot streaks. Some players would say that those machines that haven’t had to pay for the jackpot for quite some time could be due for a win anytime soon.

Slots would eventually pay, but no one has a way when that will be because these games feature similar chances of winning no matter when the last jackpot prize got won.

  1. You Can’t Win in Slots That Recently Paid Out a Jackpot

Another theory from some players is the opposite of the one mentioned above. Many believe that it's useless to play casino slots that recently paid out the jackpot prize because you can't win no matter what.

The chances of you winning in every spin aren't connected or don't depend on previous spins.

Online casino slot machines are sophisticated and regulated for a fair game. These myths about slots are nonsense, and believing them won't boost your chances of winning.

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